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    ASP hosting wanted

    Hi All,

    Finding ASP.NET hosting in UK

    1. Support ASP.NET 1.1 and connecting to "MS Access" by OleDB

    2. Allow upload and download of video clips and music clips.

    3. Support streaming of window media and real media.

    4. Ready for mysql and MS SQL server which may be applied in

    future. (it's OK as extra charges)

    5. hosting company in UK


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    whats wrong with US companies? is pretty good but they're US.

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    "2. Allow upload and download of video clips and music clips."

    You are the copyright owner and can prove this ?

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    coz the target audience of the website are in UK.... would it be much slower if I place the site in a US server?

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    we are not the copyright owner but the purpose or our website is to promote the music created by anonymous person or band... basically the music will be some demo provided by creator....

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    do not go with 1&1,

    what sort of budget are you look at?

    you will find hosting is still more exspensive in the UK.

    also it might be hard to find a host that provides all that.

    what soprt of disk space and bandwidth are you looking at then?

    what ever you do (Best bit of advice) don't believe hosts they say unlimited bandwidth or disk space
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    I have 1Mb/s ADSL conection at home, and i downloads full speed, from UK or US servers, so that is not very important for you, by the way i am in Portugal.
    Portugal Networks
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    Good Host

    Even i feel it doesn matter really. It really depends on the users speed not the location of the server, atleast for your purpose. And US and UK is not that far on the internet.


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    Thanks for your advice!!!

    my budget is 100 a year... I don't think we need much space (maybe 1 Gb) or bandwidth... but it's always good to have as much space as we can have within the budget, right?

    someone recommend the brinkster server (, is that good??

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    Post Your Budget

    Hi desmantang,

    But how do you suppose to do all the stuff you listed in the beginning with 1 GB bandwidth? I dont think it will be Ok. is a great webhost. You can try their service by their free offer.

    I also recommend, they have terrific speed, and good service.

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