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    Tell me what you think of My Website. The name of it is My Community . The Main Page is still Under Construction and is currently being worked on. But the My Community Forums are Up & Running. They were just put up today. Tell me what you think of the Forums and how I could improve the site. Do you have any Template/Layout Main Site Suggestions? Also, this website is just meant to be small and personal where only a few people can come together talk about whatever and junk like that. Pretty much, for people who feel like posting and talking to other people on a not-so-big Forum, lol.

    Thank You!

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    Hmm... Could use a less general name, definitely. With this name it's difficult to brand no matter how beautiful your banner/header/logo/whatever may be.

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    I like the very top part of your forum. The bottom part (footer) is broken. I'm using Firefox. It works in IE apparently.

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    So far there's little to review. The main page is under construction, the forum has got the famous iCGstation theme you're using without modding anything except for the logo. No offence .. do something serious and we'll gladly give constructive criticism.

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