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    Large Volume Email handler suggestions

    I would like some recommendations for a program/script to handle large volume emails.

    This is for an info center and there are 4 tiers of support that the email could be escalated to.

    Please help us find a good solution to get these emails under control.

    Thanks for you help/advice.
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    The best way would be to have a Front-End management utility built simply to manage the reading and responding to messaqges, while you use a pre-existing enterprise mail server software like MS Exchange to actually handle the mail transactions. You can build a custom PHP, ASP, etc app which can use IMAP to manage the messages.

    If you want to stay away from MS Exchange (its kinda complicated) then you can go with a variety of Linux mail server applications.

    You can also try an app like

    It is pretty good at handling large volumes of mail and it has escalation procedures.

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