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    * google ads

    Do you think its good for a server/paid host to have google ads on their site? Just some opinions as I might add some to mine, just need some opinion first

    Sorry if this topic has already been created

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    Personally i would only put google ads ( or any ads ) on a free hosting site.
    I would not put them on paid hosting / servers

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    completely agree with you

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    Yes, Don't put them on a Paid Hosting Site, I don't know why but it looks very unproffesional.

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    Thanks for the feedback

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    It does not sound professional to me when I see that sort of thing.
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    I'd highly advise against it. It gives the impression the company at hand is in need of funds to stay afloat, putting potential clients off.

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    It does not sound professional to me when I see that sort of thing.
    To me it does, partially because I have yet to see a serious paid host do it and partially because I'm still waiting for Coca Cola to put Pepsi ads on their bottles.

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    bad idea

    looks bad, you are selling out. rev comes from hosting fees

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    how much money do you spend per day on google ad's?

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    as Dan want to put your competitors adson your site.. might be more loss than profit... ofcourse if you dont have any more space on your server and want to redirect customers to other host.. this might be a good idea
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