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    tracking how many websites are hosted


    Im thinking of trying this reseller business...

    I know there's an existing website where it can track how many sites are currently hosted under that Hosting Company... I read it somewhere but I forgot. I think the thread was from here, tried to find it here but no luck.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction?


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    visit :



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    There is no accurate site/service/tool that can tell you how many customers/sites a host has.

    Feel free to play with

    But read as well.
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    yes thats true as it can be blocked (lookups)

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    I think your best bet is to lease a dedicated server if you are getting into the reseller business. That way you can control the amount of sites / server plus you will have more control overall. It cost more money but you know what they say:
    "it takes money to make money"

    I also recommened getting cpanel/whm as it is easy to control accounts.

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    thanks for the replies, it helped

    right now, as i am still learning about this business, i think i will try the reseller first, if everything works out, then i will lease a dedicated server...


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    Originally posted by sober
    Using this method will only tell you the number domains the web host is currently hosting on a particular server not the number of sites on all their servers.

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    yeah there is no way to get 100% accurate results
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    Simple answer: You can't.
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    Even on single server you can't know how many users are hosted. For example, I have a server with 128 IPs adresses, part of the hosted customers are under they dedicated IP. So if you check out the main server IP, you will not be able to identify the customers wich use another IPs...
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    thanks guys!!

    i have another question, feel free to answer it.

    How was your reselling business during the FIRST 6 MONTHS of inception? How much was your overhead, and how much was the income?

    I know that there would be a lot of overhead during the first 6 months, (setup, advertising, etc).

    Thanks again!

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    My first reseller experience was a very bad one. The company who owned the server placed thousands customers on it. The machine was equiped with 200 Gb hard disks and they were 98% full! The server begun to crash twice a day and I lost almost all customers I placed on it.
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    If I recall correctly, it is said that at least the first 3 months for anyone starting a company will be "rocky". For me it was 6 months (if I remember correctly). It's not the same for everyone, but usually the 3 month 'idea' is correct.
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    hey, edelweisshosting, how did you handle that situation? Must have been awful for you!

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