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    web and email hosting with different providers

    We are planning to transfer our domain from to 1and1 and host the web site with 1and1. We would like to continue the e-mail hosting with the local exchange server.

    Is this possible with 1and1 supporting only 1 A record per domain? Do we need to transfer both MX records as well as the web to 1and1 or can we transfer only the web and retain the MX records with existing exchange server?

    I am a newbie in this and thanks for any information.


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    You will need (wherever the DNS record for your domain is kept) your A record pointing to 1&1, and MX pointing to the local exchange.

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    In most control panels there is an option to point your MX to a different host. So I would transfer my domain to 1&1, and then simply change the MX to point to the host name of your excahnge server. Make sure your MX points to an A record, not directly to an IP address. Some large email providers will not send mail to an MX record that is an IP address.

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