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    I don't get my domain back

    hello i have a big problem my host WAS but they now have quit with webhosting(without telling me,one day my site was gone )but i paid for my domain and they don't answer me because i want my domain backi have written multyple messages bu they don't react i need my domain back for my new host what can i do????

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    Is your name the registrant ? If not, then you've probably got no hope.

    I had a similiar problem with a company who'd registered a name for me a few years back.

    Contact the registrar and give a full explanation (with contact details etc...) and get them to remove the lock, then you can transfer it under your own control. Ideally contact them from an email account that's already listed in the whois data to give a bit of credability to your request.

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    i have send a mail to godaddy,where my domain is registered i hope they give him back to me

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    Originally posted by CryCole
    i have send a mail to godaddy,where my domain is registered i hope they give him back to me
    Here is the Admin Contact Info:

    Administrative Contact:
    Publishing, OktaGone [email protected]
    PO Box 2178
    Dog Swamp, Western Australia 6060

    Those guys put themselves as the Admin Contact which really jams you up.

    Have you tried calling their number? I know it's long distance but I'm not sure GoDaddy will help you if you're not in the Admin contact information. I would try calling them and/or writing them and inform them that they need to change your admin contact information for your domain so you can ******* it.

    If they've gone completely out of business it might be harder but you can try to provide some documentation of that fact and submit that along with you original signup stuff through them to provide to GoDaddy as documentation that you should be the owner of the domain. I'm not sure that will work because Domain Registrars probably get a lot of claims all the time that "I should be the owner of this..." so you really need to try and get Oktagone to change the Admin Contact for you.

    Make sure your admin contact always has your information and never the web hosting company. I don't want to rub salt in the wound because the same thing happened to me but I just want to reiterate it. If the hosting company puts themselves there then always demand they put your contact information in there.
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    If the registrant "OktaGone Publishing" isn't your company, then
    there's no way Go Daddy is going to help you get it back. Only
    legal action can possibly help you regain it.

    Whether you're paying for it consistenly doesn't really matter: it's
    the online agreement that, unfortunately, matters. If you want to
    dispute that, legal route is your only direction.

    Good luck. But I sincerely doubt you'll be able to get it back unless
    you can prove you have a common-law or a registered trademark,
    things only a seasoned attorney can advise you about.

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