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Thread: SSH Down

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    SSH Down


    For some reason my SSH has gone down, and I'm unable to login/connect to it. Connection Timed Out is the response.

    I've tried to restart the service however I get this message;

    Apr 15 13:16:09 viper sshd: sshd -TERM succeeded Apr 15 13:16:09 viper sshd: succeeded sshd has failed, please contact the sysadmin.

    Anyway I can fix, or do I need to contact support?

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    Tried the reboot, didn't work. Sent in help for support. They're hopefully fixing it now.

    It's a new server, so downtime can be plenty

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    If you want to avoid having to reboot it in future install Webmin, it lets you alter the settings for all the services on your server.

    I had to use it once when i couldnt get into SSH after disabling root login.
    A simple visit to webmin removed the setting and was able to login again.
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    It also has the ability to run console commands. Almost all my servers have webmin since I sometimes break sshd, or lock myself out of ssh(firewall rules do that)
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    Before I install... is it easy to use?

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    Another option.

    You could add a user to the wheel group and write a #!/usr/bin/expect script to spawn a shell, su to root and remove the bad config and reinstall the ssh rpms, or run any command that you need to fix it.

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    Originally posted by Chris Gwynne
    Before I install... is it easy to use?
    Yes it is easy to setup/install and use..

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