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    Website Design books?

    OK, I run webhosting business and have never really jumped into the design world, but I'm very interested in it now, and was wondering what a good way is to get started. Anybody suggest any books to learn how to make full websites (flash, images, css, the whole thing). Thanks for any suggestions! - Shared cpanel hosting, 99.9% uptime.
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    I've always like the HTML Artistry series. Though it does not show you how to code the website, its more about design concepts and how to organize and place things. Very good books indeed.

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    Lynda Weinman has written a series of books on web- and design-related things. She sometimes does the H.O.T. books (for Hands-On-Training) for Macromedia and Adobe apps. If you want to learn Dreamweaver, you might want to get one of her training books. (I think she sells CDs or DVDs also.) There are a lot of great books for training on a specific web design app (like Dreamweaver). The Friends of ED people seem to put out good stuff too.

    Robin Williams (the author, not the comedian) has written some good basic design books. (Look up "Robin Williams" and "design" together and you'll find her books on Amazon.)

    The HTML Artistry book looks good as well. I don't know how it slipped through the cracks for me! I just picked up a copy on Amazon. Thanks ikeo!

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    Flash for designers is a great book if you're into learning Flash and AS from a designers point of view. Once you get a hang of that book, you can move on to more complicated flash applications.

    General programming knowledge you get from the "Bible" series, Javascript Bible, Html Bible, Dhtml Bible, CSS bible and so on..the series is endless

    You don't even have to buy books, look for tutorial websites and communities online that talk about the topics you have in mind. and for flash, for photoshoptutorials and design tips, for a massive amount of design / layout articles...the list is endless
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