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Thread: CHMOD Problems

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    Unhappy CHMOD Problems

    Hi all,

    Here's my problems, I have two cgi files that seems to have errors on a daily basis. Although I initially set the permission for both files to 755 by the end of the day somehow the permission setting goes to 0.

    As a result I've had to upload the files again on a daily basis and resetting the CHMOD to 755. The thing everything is OK for most of the day. And since the error log is limited to the last 300 errors, I can't really pinpoint when the error first occurred. Please help

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    It's highly likely that someone is chmodding the script to 000 (this is how most people lock them down). I would check with your host (or NOC if you are the host)

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    Located the problem. It was my host

    Guess I need to look for a new host now

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