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    Earn Money $ By Helping My Site/Forums


    My site is currently under development but I want it to grow as I develop it so Im giving people the chance to earn some money for helping me build and promote my site, as yet we have no members as I have not told anyone about the site but now I know where the site is going and Itís time to let the world know you donít even need to have a sound knowledge of the sites topic itís that easy!!!!

    Itís a soccer/football site and hoestly you donít realy need to have that much knowledge

    I could be looking for several helpers so there aer a few positions available PM with th Job title of the position you are interested in

    You may wish to have several of these Jobs

    Site Development Manager

    This would suit a young person who has a few hours a week on their hands, somebody who has a littls knowledge of CMS especially mambo and Forum software, someone who can add a few stories and maybe help tweak the site now and again, basically somebody who can give me some ideas and help implement them. The wage for this would be totally negotiable, remembering we are new and Im only looking for a few hour per week

    Sign Up Manager

    Iím looking for someone to encourage people to sign up, no spamming just encourage people to join, For this you would need to give people a unique code that I would give you and they would need to PM when they sign up with the code for you to receive payment. You would get a set amount for a sign up and an enhanced amount for anybody who makes 10 worth while posts. There would be a maximum amount that could be paid monthly I was thinking around $0.10 per sign up and $0.20 for any member that makes 10 worth while posts

    Links Manager

    Looking for somebody who can get me links to other football/soccer related websites preferably UK based. For this we would promise to create a link in our links section on the front page and a mention in the links section of our forums, we would in return need a link on their site, even if itís only in their forum. The only other stipulation is the site must have a minimum of 100 members. For this I would pay $0.25 per link possibly a little more

    Advertising Manager

    Once the site starts getting visitors I would be looking to sell advertising space, for this Iíd be looking to have someone sell some space at the amount you could get us, you would receive a 50/50 split for this

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    I am interested in the Site Development Manager position

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    I am interested in the Advertising Manager position. PM me.

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