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    Unhappy Firevision problems (again) - help!

    I'm having problems with Firevision, I'm aware of past history now although never had any trouble in 4 previous years.

    I paid for 5 domains to be renewed with them on 8th April and nothing has happened... cannot get any answer from them by email or phone... so am trying to move the domains away to 1&1.

    However, after starting the transfer to 1&1, they tell me they will not pay for the domain renewal. I must pay Nominet direct... ie 80 + VAT a domain... ouch.

    Has anyone been here before and found an ISP who will take on a domain and pay the renewal at discounted rates ? All I need is basic forwarding on these domains.

    Any other options I have ?

    Any help appreciated. I'm away until late tomorrow, will revisit the forum then.

    Is it possible for you to put a warning about Firevision somewhere, others could be caught out, their web site appears to be working normally. Companies House are not listing them in liquidation (at 15th April), Nominet are not interested, but there are obviously serious problems.


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    can't you pay 15 for IPS tag change then renew at the new company?
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    Would seem a sensible option... but when changing the tag Nominet helpfully add the renewal fees in too, hence a bill for over 500. Their faq says-

    Unfortunately, even though you may have paid a fee to your current registration agent, we may not have received the registration (or renewal) fee for your domain name. Before we can move your domain name to another registration agent we need to recover that fee. You will either have to pay us the fee of 80 (plus VAT) or your new registration agent may be prepared to take on the relevant fee for you.

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