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    What is needed to setup BGP?

    Hi, i am new to BGP and the hardcore networking scene.

    What is needed to setup BGP?

    What are the requirements of BGP on a router?

    I have a Dell powerconnect 6024 switch and i am interested in the routing protocols it is compatible with:

    # 24 10/100/1000Base-T ports and 8 fiber (combo) SFP slots in a rack-dense 1U form factor
    # Copper and fiber ports for flexible connectivity options
    # Standards-based switching features including advanced Quality of Service, multicasting, link aggregation, dynamic VLANs, and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
    # Comprehensive set of industry-standard routing protocols including RIP/RIP2, OSPF v1/v2, VRRP, IGMP, and DVMRP
    # Robust security capabilities including flow-based ACLs, port-based MAC security, RADIUS remote authentication, SSL/SSH encryption, and IP-based management access filtering
    # High availability features such as integrated dual hot-swappable power supplies and cooling fans
    # Integrated Cable Tester for diagnosing copper connectivity and detecting problems within one meter of fault
    # Management via industry-standard CLI, easy-to-use Web GUI, Dell OpenManage Network Manager, and third-party SNMP-based management applications
    # Enhanced configuration management with configuration file upload and download capabilities, and dual firmware images for r

    I would like to know how to use the routing protocols it can use, and what i can do with the routing compatibilities it has.

    For example can i route certain bandwidth lines to a certain route?

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    Here you go:

    A good place for a networking newbie is "Networking Information".

    Here you will find case studies..overviews..everything you'll need to know.

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    What's needed? First, a person who understands how to setup and maintain BGP network. Second, a router that speaks BGP. Third, your own ASN. Fourth, two providers.

    Before you get the first one, don't get the other ones.
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    What will you be using as a router? That 'switch' does not have BGP capabilities, from what you listed atleast. Additionally, i'd recommend steering clear of using a Dell device for BGP and get a better device such as a PC Router, Cisco, Juniper, or a Foundry layer 3 device.

    Otherwise, the requirements that FHDave listed are correct.

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