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    Question Weird Email Issue! Need Help!


    Here's a strange issue we are having. We have a client on a Plesk Windows Reseller Account.

    This problem only pertains to his domain, which we deleted and recreated but still the same issue. All other domains of the server work 100% ok.

    This client has an account on our cpanel linux server and one on the plesk windows. He receives email fine from everywhere except from (for example) his email account on the linux server. We tested it too from our email account on the linux server and that didnt go through either. We do not get any bounce message and the email is just lost!

    Any ideas what could be the problem and a possible solution?


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    Are you running the same domain on both servers ?

    If the mail server for the domain is external to the linux box running cPanel then you will need to either point the MX entry for the domain to the external mail server account and if you are using external DNS point it to the external mail server as well.

    You will also need to remove the domain from etc/localdomains and enter it into etc/remotedomains.

    The problem you are having is due to the fact that exim will deliver the mail locally to any domain hosted on the server.

    You will find the emails you have sent are in the default email account for the domain or if the default address is set to :blackhole: then they will be discarded.
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