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    Unformating a hard drive

    I was formating a socond drive in my computer , but for some reason my main drive got formatted. it toop less then a minute to format so the data must be there and only the partition table has been deleted.

    is there any way to unformat the drive?

    I have recovered stuff off a damaged drive in the past so this one shouldn't be a roblem, but i was woundering if it was possible to unformmat it so every thing does back to normal. i know its unlikely but just thought i'll ask. damm i have sooooo much work on the drive.

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    Check in back of PC magazines for those "harddrive doctors"

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    have you tried mounting the drive in *nix, or doing fixmbr from windows rescue prompt?

    Unless you have thousands of dollars worth of data on your drive, sending it to a white room is going to cost you alot.

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    if you deleted the partition its a bit harder to get the stuff back and most software that claims to be able to do it wants paying for before it will....

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    There are utilities to help you unformat and repartition the drive but it is not a fun process. If the data is valuable I would recommend calling ontrack and using their remote recovery service. They'll "dial-in" to your machine remotely and have it fixed quickly and the charge is far lower then sending it in.
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    you can also try a harddrive scraper. I've never used it but from what I hear you can retreive old stuff after a hd has been reformatted.
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    thanks guy

    i've got my data back, well using a recovery program i can see and retrive all my data. now i have to reinstall all my software. damn its gonna be a long thing

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