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    Established Gaming Website [MMORPG] for Sale

    Website:, and (parked domain)
    Both registered under GoDaddy

    Established since:
    Late October 2004

    About the Website:
    Gaming related website related with MMORPGs. Provides guides, hacks, exploits, etc.

    Website is run using PHP Nuke 7.6 with Nuke Sentinel security and PayPal Nuke to accept subscriptions. You can change modules to Nuke Royal to accept payments through 2CO and PayPal since PayPal cannot accept credit card purchases from non PayPal users through subscriptions.

    One advertiser until May 2005. Paid $30/month.

    Revenue Totals:
    April - 164.45 so far
    March - 373.75
    February - 284.05
    January - 254.75
    December- 280.00
    November - 625.00
    October - 70.00 [note that the site opened late October]

    Totals do not include the PayPal fees.

    Traffic Statistics:
    Majority of traffic comes in through top site lists and google searches. The webalizer is broken for but works... don't know if that makes a difference.

    Traffic Stats from

    Also stats here (not unique):

    Some screenshots of the referers:
    Link 1
    Link 2
    Link 3
    Link 4
    Link 5

    Proof of Revenue:
    PM me and I'll send you the PayPal spreadsheet. If you want screenshots from the PayPal website, I can take some screenshots if requested.

    $6 a month for 2GB space/15GB bandwidth web hosting. Paid $30 this month for the 7k+ incoming links (didn't help at all with this site so I won't use it again). No advertising expenses, but during the November month was when I used Overture and Google Adwords [Unsuccessful with the Adwords].

    I'll let this go for $1500 BIN, or offer around there. I'm willing to update the site for 6 months free for the BIN price. I can update it after as well for a monthly fee.

    If you have any offers, questions, comments, etc. e-mail me at [email protected], PM, or post. Thanks.

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    bumping up the thread

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    I think its alittle expensive mate if you did an auction at a lower price you would get a realistic amount for it

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    The $1500 is just the BIN, I'm willing to take other offers. I'm thinking of doing an auction but I wouldn't want the site to go for a price I'm not happy with.

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    deal fell through so site is still up for sale.

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