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    +===== Professional Templates For Sale =====+

    Hi all,

    I have following templates for sale with unique rights:

    Template One
    Template Two

    $80 For Template One
    $75 For Template Two
    (or make an offer)

    What will come with this template:

    - Sliced PSD
    - HTML
    - Exclusive Rights
    - Minor customizations.
    - Payment via Paypal & CC(2checkout)

    Ammar Malik
    We Design Your Dreams
    Ammar @ AKDesigner -

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    Excellent designs, good luck with the sale Ammar.

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    great work, worth the money, good luck

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    Nice designs ammar, best of luck

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    nice template. Good luck to your sale

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    Thanks everybody for kind comments.
    We Design Your Dreams
    Ammar @ AKDesigner -

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    I love them. Best of luck selling them, should be easy!
    Chuck Norris' mother called him Charles once... Once.

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    wow!!! very, very nice layouts im sure you wont have any trouble selling them at those prices

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    i especially like the second design. any chance there is a subpage included?

    good luck with the sale!

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    Thanks! i can make subpage for you if you are interested.
    We Design Your Dreams
    Ammar @ AKDesigner -

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    pm with questions sent

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    Template One has been sold.
    We Design Your Dreams
    Ammar @ AKDesigner -

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    I've had a couple of sites designed by Ammar...All I have to say is, WHOA!

    Exceptional work! I'd recommend him to anybody!

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