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    Simple Ebay Sales Design

    I'm selling shoes on ebay, and i wanna have a simple layout that looks appealing but is also very easy on the eyes, its a very simple job, can do it in dreamweaver or photoshop.

    The job:

    just a simple seller's layout for nike shoes(jordans,dunks,etc), attractive but easy to navigate. should be a place to hold pictures of the item, and a place to write the description, DUH!!

    some little tags like : "shipping" "info" "payments" thats it, should be made in photoshop.

    uh.thats about it.


    i cannot pay too much 20-30 dollars seems ok, i dun need ppl to get all complicated with this, it's just a simple layout.

    will pay with paypal, contact me if your interested.
    the best way for a secure trade is you listing the layout for XX amount of dollars on ebay, and i'll binding. =]

    if the image is in photoshop, please keep it under 100kb.
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    I can do it for you.

    $30 upfront via Paypal.

    Also, how much is one of those owned vB licenses?

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    I will design you an Ebay layout for $20 dollars. My portfolio is viewable at


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