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    Review my Company Website Please

    Hey, I was wondering what you all thought about my current webpage I have setup for

    If its bad please tell me whats os bad about it

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    I don't really like the font you use throughout the website, maybe you should change it to Tahoma?

    I also think the banner isn't really professional, well the text saying "Servax Net" and the text under that saying "Professional Hosting Solutions" doesn't really look professional, maybe you should get a real graphics designer to design your banner for you?


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    I would change the font too. Try Tahoma or Verdana

    And I would remove that glow...or the tab navigation.

    The color schema is nice for me

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    Try using some white in combination with the grey you already have as background. It will look nice.

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    Thanks for the replies, more reviews would also be aprreicated

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    Originally posted by Skize
    Try using some white in combination with the grey you already have as background. It will look nice.
    yep i agree

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    Your logo is messy. Was it done on a white background? Your arrangement is good space-wise, but ... again, the font type: things like "click here to sign up" should not be done in a graffiti type. The flake-like things around it also need to go. Likewise for "live chat online".

    And perhaps the statistics can be presented in a way that it doesn't need to be scrolled? The E-mail address under "FAQ" ([email protected]) needs a link.

    Good luck.

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    Too dark on the eyes, try brightening it up a bit.
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    Haha thanks, I'll be working on it for the next few days now =)

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    Looks like changing the font to Verdana or Tahoma really makes it look ugly...

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    I like it, simple and to the point

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    Thanks bulldog1256

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    Good site, easy to navigate, but the main body and text is a little boring. Good Luck with the design

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    great design! keep it up

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