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    Inviation System?

    I'm looking for something that will block anyone from accessing a website unless they have an account which can only be gotten from an invite.

    Sort of similar to the way gmail works. If someone doesn't have an account, they shouldn't be able to get passed the index (login) page.

    Sry if this isn't the place to ask.. I'm kinda overwhelmed by how big this site is.

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    Hmm.. perhaps you are looking for custom coding? I haven't seen a script that would perform this.

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    Is your company represented?

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    well, you could go a few routes, using a htpasswd and htaccess combo or using a php/cgi/whatever script to require logins... check hotscripts (dot)com for the latter (rofl 5th post is the one I happen to decide to post a url on)

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    Well I'll look at that hotscripts site right now. Just to expand on what I'm looking for:

    You can't get access to the website whatsoever unless you are logged in. In order to create an account you need an invitation code, which I can make as many as needed. I'd love to get my hands on those crazy codes gmail uses.. the look impossible to guess at.

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    Well, there may be something out there, probably for a price though...

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    I dun mind paying. Free is best, but if ya gotta pay, ya gotta pay.. y'know? heh

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    u can create a password protected directory and put ur site in there.

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    Will that do the login stuff? I also know nothing of this SSL stuff but my host is getting that for me. I want the Fort Knox of websites.

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    I think SSL is a bit pointless unless you are going to be receiving personal details or credit card details!

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    no I'm not selling anything. It's just that personal stuff will be there.

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