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    Northtrex Review

    I've been with Northtrex for about 3 months now and I frequently look up hosts on WHT for reviews so I figured I'd give back.

    I use their most basic plan - $7.95/mo for 2 GB space with 40GB bandwidth. For most months this suits my needs but this month we had a huge project which required distributing a DVD full of videos to 55 centers around the nation. This bandwidth would have far exceeded my allotment but they were nice enough to give me some grace bandwidth for free since the rest of my months are down to not even 10% of my allotment.

    The tech support guy, Mukesh, seems like a novice, but nothing really goes wrong that I have to complain about. Once I wasn't getting e-mails in a timely manner so I contacted them and got a response from tech support right away, even though it wasn't a great answer, I knew someone was looking into it.

    Once I wanted to install SquirrelMail and the guy gave me shell access for a little bit because it's easier to install. The admin took it away later but it worked for the time being.

    Anyways, I'm saying they could be better, but for my basic needs they're willing to work with me and I appreciate that. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a basic host like myself.

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    Sounds like this is the host for you! Thank you for sharing your experience.
    What web site do you host with them?

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    Is your company represented?

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    AJPatel, it sounds to me like your host is quite understanding and willing to work with you. That kind of thing goes beyond $$$ in value.

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