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    chica go go

    post your last post from a different forum.

    Post your last post from another forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by me
    Yeah, whenever an image fails to load, or showing of images is turned off, alt text is shown in whatever style the page author specifies.

    The style author made a set of styles called "rainbow for sure, burt." with the same page layout, with different color variations. I guess he noted that style title in the header of all his styles.
    From the staff section of another forum i admin.

    post the last post you made at a different forum.

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    Theres this one program everyone loved in elementary school, where you drew stuff and it had some animations..

    Kid Pix

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    My wife pc does this and it took me a few times to figure out that it was the fan on the vid card.

    It just might be the fans (bearings suck in a lot of fans) but hope for your sake it's not the HD.

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    The Internet is a very scary place out there. So of course, you must protect yourself. How are you protecting yourself online? Do you think its enough?
    Security forum on my own forum.
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    (it's in a locked board, don't bother looking for it )

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    Helping people understand ID Theft;

    Currently ID Theft is the most largest growing crime in world history. With over 1 Million people last year in The United States, suffering from one form of ID Theft or another. It has become a growing epidemic. Partly because of the many ways a criminal could successfully obtain that which is key to your every day life, your Identity. It is also such an epidemic because so many people do not understand Identity Theft. I think it is very important that we address that first.

    What is Identity Theft?

    Identity Theft is when someone uses your personal information to commit fraud or another crime, posing as you. Identity thefts typically use personal information such as your name, address, Social Security number, and credit card or bank account numbers to open bank accounts, obtain credit cards, get passports, sign lease, or financing agreements. The three most common forms of personal identity theft are:

    1. Financial ID Theft -- Thieves use your name and Social Security Number to commit financial fraud such as applying for credit cards or opening a bank account in your name.

    2. Criminal ID Theft -- Thieves can also give your name and personal information when stopped by a police officer or when charged with a crime. If the thief uses your name, you will be served with a warrant for arrest for a crime you never committed.

    3. Identity Cloning -- Thieves can use your personal information to establish a new life, posing as you. They pose as you and apply for a new job, rent an apartment, establish new cell phone service, ect. Often people in trouble with the law, illegal aliens, or people trying to escape abuse attempt this type of Identity theft.

    How can someone steal your ID?

    There are many ways someone could successfully steal your Identity. They range from the most simple every day actions we take for granted too the more complex methods. It's frighteningly simple for someone to obtain your personal information. Think about how many times a day you purchase something online, do banking, fill out an application or throw out a credit card receipt or piece of mail. While the most common way for a thief to steal your Identity is by stealing a wallet or purse, they can also steal personal information by:

    * Stealing mail and getting information from your credit card or bank statement

    * Obtaining personal information you post or share via the Internet

    * Stealing information from offices or places of business by illegally entering the computer system (“hacking”) or stealing/copying files

    * Going through trash

    * Posing as someone else requesting personal information (i.e. Bank representative, credit card company)

    Once someone has stolen your personal information there is a long list of ways a thief can use it. For example, the thief can pose as you and:

    * Apply for a new credit card

    * Run up charges on your credit card or bank card purchasing items online or by phone

    * Rent an apartment

    * Apply for social services and benefits (i.e. Unemployment benefits, welfare benefits)

    * Obtain a wireless phone and cellular services

    * Open a bank account in your name and bounce checks

    * Buy big-ticket items such as cars, furniture, electronics, ect.

    Once someone realizes that their Identity has been stolen they have to begin the process of reclaiming their Identity, reporting the crime, and rectifying the effects. Unfortunately, while a victim is trying to re-establish their good credit, as a result of having their identity stolen they maybe be denied credit, turned down for a loan or a job, not be able to obtain insurance, have student loan or tuition assistance denied, personal property seized and even be wrongly arrested.

    Depending on the extent of the theft, it can take years and large sums of money to rectify the situation. The FBI reports that the average loss for victims is on average between $500 – 1,500 and took them at least 30 hours to rectify the situation and repair their credit.

    If you're a victim of Identity Theft this can be very over whelming with the mix feelings of fear, disappointment, your own lack of trust in people, lack of understanding, helplessness, and over time it can be very stressful. ID Theft can not just hurt your good name, but also your state of mind and general health. Constantly feeling the desperate need to reclaim your life back and to continually feel the pressure of proving that these where in fact, not your own actions can leave you in total disarray.
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    Hold it firmly between your thumb and fore finger. Then pull the skin back ..down to the base insuring the fleshy part is fully expossed. Then put your mouth seductively over the firm rounded end and bite. -----

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    Hold it firmly between your thumb and fore finger. Then pull the skin back ..down to the base insuring the fleshy part is fully expossed. Then put your mouth seductively over the firm rounded end and bite. -----

    Lol, lol, lol - ow!
    Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. - Confucius

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    Just taking a quick little check here...

    You come to this forum, would you rather use punBB or vBulletin if I installed it?

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    Putting a patent on such would of been a great idea IMO. It would keep all the weeds from growing and interfering with serious ecom owners. Its to easy and cheap to start an ecom site but hard to make any capitol off of it because of all the other weeds in the bush.
    I wouldnt mind paying royalties if I was serious about my ecom adventure.


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