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    name server question. how do you make your own?

    Hay guys, we are planning on moving in a couple of months time from a shared hosting enviroment to a full dedicated server.

    Now i have a stupid question not to sure.

    We will be using windows platform.

    and i wanted to ask how abouts do you go in making your own name servers e.g and so on

    also we have quite abit of experience in web servers, and just waned to know if you guy shave any reconmendations pages etc, to have a look at, for things to watch out or things to do to make sure everything runs smoothly and

    have as least down time and problems as possible

    appreciate all the help thanks
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    Hey there,

    I think you can make nameservers like you're talking about if you log into your domain registrars system. There's usually a place where you can create etc. All you'd have to do is get the IP address of the dns server you're using right now and point the nameserver you create to that same IP address. I hope that helps,

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