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    Question Reseller Hosting w/ billing & Dedicated Servers?

    We are trying to find a Hosting Company that will allow us to do the following:

    1.) Resell Dedicated Windows & Unix Servers
    2.) Resell Cheaper Shared Hosting Options
    3.) Provide us with the software / tools to Bill our customers or completely take care of the billing.

    We mainly are looking for the best value to offer our local Clients. number 3 on the list is more of a wish, not sure if any hosting company offers to take care of billing customers etc.

    Any suggestions or comments are apprieciated.

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    Some hosting companies do offer free licenses for billing software such as ClientExec and Modernbill. That is about as close you are going to get to the host taking care of billing for you unless you are talking about affiliate programs.

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    yea, the only way you are going to get this is with an affiliate program. It sounds like you are looking to make some money without haveing to do any work. However, you are looking to make the most you can this way. Unfortunately, to make money you have to do more than sell, unless you go with the affiliate system. Although, the profits are marginal.
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    It sounds like you are looking to make some money without haveing to do any work.
    He's bringing in the customers. Last I've heard, that simple fact has a value ($$$).

    jtbe, maybe something like is what you are looking for.

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    BizLand also offers a program that may suite your needs. It doesn't offer dedicated servers, but it does offer windows and unix along with a branded control panel as well as provides 24x7 client billing and support


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