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    Plesk or Directadmin


    I'll make this quick and painless. I am buying a VPS system to do some testing on a backup MX system I'm building, and figured I would give another control panel a try at the same time (since they all come with control panels it seems for free anyways)

    I cant seem to decide between getting a system with Directadmin or Plesk. Of course, what potential customers want is also important, but I'm not too sure about that either

    Below is what I'm currently thinking of Plesk and Directadmin. I know, it shows my like of Directadmin, but I am intersted in getting some other people's feedback

    Knowledge of Plesk
    • Truely, I dont have alot of experience with Plesk
    • When I have attempted to use it, I could not figure out how reseller user mode truely worked
    • Possibly has a "nicer" GUI - and perhaps slower loading times
    • Intergrates well with Virtuozzo
    • Users (domain level) can not have multiple domains

    Knowledge of DirectAdmin
    • Using it already, have it with resellers account
    • Less pretty GUI, but very responsive and fast even under high server load
    • Doesnt seem to ever crash
    • Has nice nameserver and IP management
    • Like 3 levels of users
    • The "User Level" people can have multiple domains, just no reseller privs (not avaiable on Plesk)
    • Backup feature is nice for resellers

    I appriciate your input

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    I really like Plesk, used it for a wile and it is fast and has lots of new features, have you tryed version 7.5?
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    Originally posted by PTNHosting
    I really like Plesk, used it for a wile and it is fast and has lots of new features, have you tryed version 7.5?
    Yes, I've tried 7.5. I normally specialize in the reseller market, just trying to make sure that Plesk is "reseller attractive"

    Its good to hear that it is fast and yes, the new features do make it very attractive

    I appriciate your input!


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    just to do some orientation about plesk.

    plesk is not too ideal yet to use it as a reseller interface.

    from sw-soft, we have tools like HSP Complete.

    HSPcomplete is the most comprehensive full business life-cycle hosting automation solution available. Manage hardware, OSs, applications, backups, IP pools, customers, resellers, e-commerce storefronts and customer payments all from a single system. It houses a very powerful and extremely flexible billing system fully integrated with automated account provisioning scalable to tens of thousands of accounts. Additionally it is able completely manage the industry’s leading VPS (Virtuozzo) and Shared Hosting (Plesk) platforms.

    Please PM me if you have questions on Plesk

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    Looks Good, will take a look at that.
    Portugal Networks
    Shared and Reseller cPanel Accounts. NEW! Windows 2003 with Plesk, ASP.NET 2.0 and MSSQL 2005.

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    Please feel free to ask information about Plesk, Virtuzzo and HSPC.

    I am glad if i can help/

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    A couple of other differences:

    - Direct Admin has real hosting plans that affect the attributes of all hosting accounts mapped to the plans. Plesk just has a template for creating hosting accounts.

    - Plesk has an option for a chrooted shell which some consider to be more secure. Direct Admin does not.

    - Plesk does not have a reseller interface at all. Being able to let a user create domains and 'webusers' is not quite the same as a full reseller capability like Direct Admin.

    We are control panel 'neutral' but have played a good bit with the major ones.
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    As for the skins, directadmin is quite possibly the easiest control panel Ive yet seen for new themes / skins.

    If you have questions about Plesk I would suggest contacting them directly as it saves you the possibility of miss information...

    I dont see what the difference between the resellers and multi domain accounts is. Seems like they would have the same basic functionality. The "Client Perspective" of the plesk demo seems what your looking for no?

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    Well I haven't actively used Plesk since 2.5 but just price alone keeps me using Directadmin but beyond that, the system backup feature is the bomb, set it up to run once per week, point it at an ftp server! That's the cat's meow right there. Very configurable, etc etc, the only real missing feature is jailed (chrooted) shells and cgi.
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    - Doesn't support maildir, could be very slow with imap...
    - No cluster setups with several servers, doesn't scale when your business grows..
    + Good price and functionality, you get all you need for a small vps account with 50-100 domains.

    + nicer web frontend for users (just imho)
    + you can purchase HSP Complete when you'll have several servers
    + has all the bells and whistles you may need, ie postgresql, coldfusion and gameserver module
    - price when you run it with HSP Complete.. and all those addons..
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    How about DA doesn'y break anything everytime there is an update

    DA's biggest flaw to me is the lack of maildir support. I believe they will eventually change this as there are a few users who have already changed this on their own.

    I think DA's interface is actually simpler for the end-user JMHO

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