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    What should I expect?

    Hello all, I'm a novice web space buyer that is wondering what I should expect on the domain name side of things? All I want to do is buy a few domain names and use them on whatever host I have. How complicated or simple is this task? I looked in the tutorials section, but I didn't find an answer to this more basic question.

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    Not too hard. I have a few tutorials myself.

    Depends on your hosting account. If your account hosts one domain you can set nameserver info at registrar to point to your new host. You could then set up domain forwarding (without masking to redirect users to the main domain). Check out for an example of how I've done this for my main site - it forwards you to my site. That is done at the registrar. In this case the nameserver info for is to my host and the nameserver info for is to my domain registrar.

    If your host allows you to park a domain with them that brings up your main page then you set the nameserver for the parked domains to point to your web host. Example: and both go to the same page. is parked at

    If your hosting provider allows multiple domains to be hosted (each domain has its own space) then you point all the domains to your hosting company nameserver.

    It really sounds more complicated than it is once you start playing with it. This stuff is not rocket science. I train new Marines all the time on how this stuff works and a lot of them are liberal arts majors. If they can understand it then anyone can!
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    Ok, thanks for the info!

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    yeah urlframe and urlredirect is offered nowadays by most domain name registration providers you can always use that to forward it to your main domain
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