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    Reseller Hosting w/ Dedicated & Shared options?

    We are trying to find a Hosting Company that will allow us to do the following:

    1.) Resell Dedicated Windows & Unix Servers
    2.) Resell Cheaper Shared Hosting Options
    3.) Provide us with the software / tools to Bill our customers or completely take care of the billing.

    We mainly are looking for the best value to offer our local Clients. number 3 on the list is more of a wish, not sure if any hosting company offers to take care of billing customers etc.

    Any suggestions or comments are apprieciated.

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    I think it will be hard to find someone that does all this.

    Most server resellers are largers companies that don't also deal with shared hosting.

    A lot of companies can provide number 3 though, it is becoming a lot more common.

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    1. Reselling Dedicated Server - You can contact several companies that you can resell dedicated. You can contact,,, layeredtech, etc.

    2. Get your own Dedicated Server and Offer Shared Hosting yourself.

    3. Get ModernBill or other software to bill your customer Or the cheapest way is to create your own even with excel.

    Good Luck!

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