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    Virtual hosting

    I am currently on a shared hosting paying $50 a month. My site has recently been using too much CPU, and my host told me I need to move to a dedicated server at about $300 a months which is too much for me.

    I like the Virtual hosting concept which shares about 4-5 sites, and the cost of about $100 including everything is very attractive. The only problem is that it is on a Linux platform.

    Does any one know of a Virtual hosting company, preferably in Canada which offers a Window platform?

    Thank you.

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    I think you're after a Virtual Private Server (VPS) where a single machine is divided up in 4-5 ways. Your best bet would probably be to check out the VPS forum. Good luck!
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    I will post it to the other forum

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    $300 is a little excessive for a dedicated server, if you're just moving away from shared you could probably pick something up that's half decent for around half that price.

    I'm guessing if you're using too much CPU, a VPS won't really help as their main limitation is CPU


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    The fee is about 170, but by the time you add firewall, backup, datbase, wenstats, it gets to 300.

    I assumed that since only 4 sites are on 1 server, my CPU will not be an issue??

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    A VPS basically cuts up the CPU usage through the 4-5 sites and limits you to only that. While you maybe on a P4 2 GHz CPU you are only allowed a fraction of that.

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    Yes, but that is still more efficient than being one of 50 sites on one server, right?

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    Originally posted by Mordekha
    Yes, but that is still more efficient than being one of 50 sites on one server, right?
    It will depends on the resources your site needs in order to exist. You may very well need a dedicated server, but I would start with a VPS. Pick a company that can help you transition from the VPS to a Dedicated Server, preferably with little to no down time.

    I have worked with ServInt before and was quite happy with their server performance and their support resources.

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    I just talked to

    Funny, but they said that I should stay with the shared hosting and that it will actually be better than VPS.
    Go figue, I am now really confused.

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    Or finding a share hosting company that is willing to give me more CPU usage.

    At least that is what
    say they will.

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    I would inquire a company to see if they can offer you a plan that is on a mostly idle server. Is your website a forum? If so, How many users do you normally have active at once?
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    The comparison is not between a VPS and shared hosting. The comparison is between Windows VPS, and Windows shared hosting.

    If this individual chooses to select a shared account, he will receive full access to the resources of our equipment. If he however chooses a Windows VPS, the performance will be a fraction of a shared account. This would not be the case where he to choose a Linux solution. The joys of ASP..

    It certainly feels good to know you've got the right equipment in your DC.
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