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    i need your help for necessary

    hello :
    i need your help for necessary
    i have a server and includes a big website
    for songs ... so i would ask u for a method
    can i do to make any visitor just do loading
    for only 3 songs and when one of the three finished
    he can make loading for another one ...

    iam waiting ur repaly
    and i would be thankful for doing
    me this favor

    all my regards

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    Are you distributing copyrighted material? I'm not jumping to conclusions, but what you're doing sounds illegal, and your host can turn over information to your government if they catch you. So, my first question is, is your operation legal?

    Second question: Do you mean to say that you want to limit someone's downloads in a day to 3 songs, or only let them select 3 songs and download them from a list one at a time?

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