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    My forum- needs a boost

    Hi, recently opened about a month ago.
    Since then we've had quite a number of sign ups which is quite pleasing. The problem is we are not getting as much members as we would like.Another big problem is exsisting members appear to only post once then lose interest.
    What I am looking for is someone to show what they could do to promote the site and get it at its full potential. Whether paid or not it doesnt matter , (obviously i would prefer it free but theres no such thing as a free lunch ) I would also like evidence of some form or other to show that the person can gurantee an improvemance.
    If you can help then please email me at :
    [email protected]

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Matt Seymour

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    There are many things that could be done, but they all come back to content. Doesn't matter how great your site and adveriting is, unless there is a reason to stay, they will not.

    I can see a lot of areas that could use some work on your site. contact me if interested.

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    perhaps you should consider another skin, something custom made

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    If you want, I can offer you advertising on my website.

    5$ / month for a banner top view on each page

    or 3$ / month for a text link

    Stat: about 30 Users each day, and growing.

    My website is:
    :: SecureIP Solutions Web ::
    Montréal Web Hosting, Backup, Web and IT services

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    I think one of the problems with sites today, is that they open with alot of forums. When a site has alot of forums (and just opened up) it will take a while to get it active.
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