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    Important questions about VPSColo


    If I choose VPSP1, can I upgrade to VPSP2, 3 or 4 at a time when I need to upgrade?

    If I choose VPSP1 and I want to pay for one year instead of paying monthly, do I get a rebate? How much is the rebate? How much would be the price for a whole year then?

    VPSColo has been sold to an American company.
    VPS Colo is located in UK.
    The Data Center, however, is in USA.
    In VPSColo's "Acceptable Use Policy / Terms of Service / Service Level Agreement" it is NOT written explicitely that hosting of Adult websites and betting sites is prohibited.
    Am I allowed to host my Adult websites and betting sites on VPSColo's server?
    Betting is not allowed in USA and American webhosts do not allow clients to host betting and adult sites on their servers.

    Is VPSColo suitable for hosting auction sites?

    Is VPSColo still the best web host? Are there any changes since VPSColo has been sold to an American company?

    Thanks in advance for answering these important questions.

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    Why not ask their sales team?
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