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    The biggest charmed forum in Germany and the second biggest charmed forum in the world. It has 3,307 members, 927,195 posts and received around 2 million hits per month. The site was shut down at the end of February because I didn't have enough time any more to continue maintaining it and I'm only posting this now because I didn't want to sell it initially.
    The forum is located at , because the offline notice is located at . The forum is closed for new registrations and posts right now.
    As for stats: At the moment I can only provide the stats from . If need be I can post more stats over the weekend when I'm back home.

    The buyer will receive
    - the domains and
    - the database
    - the vBulletin (owned) license
    - 10 skins
    - a (not used) Hivemail license

    Bidding starts at $1500.

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    I just used Webalizer to create some stats, which you can find at .
    The low figure for july 2004 is because we switched servers in that month. The drop in february is due to us announcing the shutdown of the site pretty early and people started wandering off to other forums.

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