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    Clientexec - Domain Reg Manually??


    I'm currently using Clientexec. Went thru the whole system. Was wondering if a customer signs up for a hosting package including Domain name registration, and a month later we realized its a fraud. Hosting we can cancel, since we are the provider, and paying monthly for diskspace monthly with or without this customer. BUT, say Day 1, when he signed up, we register the domain on his behalf, and I reckon we need to pay on his behalf right to the registrar? What if a month later, turns up to be fraud? Wont we incurring a loss paying to the registrar?

    Since we are using 3rd party payment processors, we wont store the customer credit card details, so we can't register using their card info. And if we were to register on their behalf, what if its fradulent and we discover only a month later?

    Another way is to make customer sign up for Hosting and Domain name separately (using Directi). But I would like to use one billing software for everything so that its easier. Plus Directi storefront doesnt look cool..

    Any advice and comments is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

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    Well, we use both clientexec & directi.

    Obviously, if you bill them on the same invoice, you would manually have to register the domain name with directi...(That's what we do) Use the information they provided for hosting and register a domain name on their behalf and execute without payment or add funds into the newly created directi account. Obviously, you're incurring this cost of registering the domain name ($6.99) + any fees associated with adding funds into your directi account.

    If you find out it's fraud at a later time, you lose the $6.99 for the domain name...But, you gain a domain name.

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