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    PHP Optimization - Zend VS/& PHPA

    I have installed Zend on most of my servers. (from
    But it's too complicated to zend encode all files before uploading...
    (imagine encoding just one forum with 100's of php files and uploading them... living hell... and if you have 20-30 sites...)

    So I found the PHPAccelerator ( - PHPA
    PHPA is based on IonCubeLoader.
    Looks good and I'm interested in few things.

    - Did somebody tried PHPA? What do U think?
    - Can I have installed PHPA and Zend on same box?
    - If not how to uninstall Zend?

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    Suggest you Truck MMCache for PHP caching

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    Why Truck MMCache?
    Please elaborate?
    Do you use it right now?

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    Zend wrote PHP, therefore they know how to optimize it. I would definately say go with Zend before anything else.

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    I know that Zend is probably the highes quality software among PHP caching, but I need something that I do not have to encode than upload to server (and do not have to encode at all). So basically PHPA is the only software that can work like that (without encoding/compiling php files.... they stay in php format)

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    The main reason you'd use Zend Performance Suite, PHPA or Turk MMCache etc. is to eliminate the majority of the overhead involved in parsing, loading, checking and optimizing your PHP files.

    Here are my overviews of all three, including the good and bad points:

    Zend Performance Suite
    Pros: Very good performance, ability to use the Zend Optimizer with it (meaning you can perform aggressive optimization, and it won't do it every time the script is run). Made by Zend, so it's always compatible with the latest releases (e.g. it includes support for PHP generation 5). It has a very nice web frontend which is used for tuning the system, but also to comare the performance of your site before and after optimization/caching (it includes a sort of performance bar for every script), and it displays stats for your sites performance.
    Cons: It's expensive, and (if your an open-source fanatic) it doesn't come with source-code.

    Turk MMCache
    Pros: Very good performance, free and open-source.
    Cons: Un-maintained (the developer was employed by Zend relatively recently mainly because of his work on MMCache), not compatible with PHP 5, no web-interface, can't use Zend Optimizer in conjunction with it.

    IonCube PHPA
    Pros: Very good performance (nearly equal to that of Zend Performance Suite), maintained actively, free and open-source.
    Cons: Not compatible with PHP 5, no web-interface and you can't use the Zend Optimizer in conjunction with it (but some basic optimizations are done by PHPA).

    If you need a cache for PHP 5 take a look at (based on Turk MMCache, and fairly actively maintained).

    Basically Zend Performance Suite is a commercial grade product, and as a company Zend have more money and developers to put behind it than the competition. I think you're wrong in your assumption that you have to manually encode all your PHP files before they will work with Zend Performance Suite, as in my experience ZPS acts just like any other PHP Cache (e.g. it just caches the bytecode, and intercepts the initial parsing and optimization steps to make it initialize faster).

    Anyway, hope this gives you more information to go on.


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