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    SquirrelMail - after logon redirect.php stays blank

    Hi All,

    My boss didn't like 1and1's webmail due to the lack of "sent items" folder. So I SSH'd SquirrelMail to a subdomain of the site and configured it all.

    Now after a legitimate logon it goes to redirect.php and just displays a blank screen and does nothing else.

    I've gone through various config php's and don't see anything wrong with it? CHMOD tries = 777 / 775 / 755, none worked.


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    Did you chmod /config/ and execute it? To configure squirrelmail?

    U have to do it for it to work.

    Or if u are using ssh i think u can go into the squirrelmail directory and just type ./configure and it will execute that file for you, just make sure u set it up right.

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