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    Looking for an XHTML / CSS Coder

    I'm searching for an XHTML/CSS Coder right away . I'd like to hand to the job to someone responsible ASAP as I will be going out of station for 2 days tonight . I am flexible with the timeframe but I'd like it to be acceptable not. I just need 1 homepage + subpage coded.

    Please add me to MSN if you are interested. I would like to see prior work before making a decision.
    MSN - [email protected]


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    I am very interested in working for you as a CSS and HTML coder. I have 5 years of experience in the field and am available at the moment to achieve this project.

    Here is a bit more info on me:

    You can reach me on MSN, I've added you already.

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    I see you have added me to your MSN list ([email protected]), if this is concerning the slicing, please e-mail the files to [email protected]
    I will then see how complicated it is and will have it done tomorrow night (US). My prices variate from 10~30$.

    Kind regards,

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    I believe with my capability and experience , I can satisfy
    your request.

    Please contact me, I will help you with perfect result.

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