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    Smile Advice Needed Regarding UK Paypal A/c... Plz Help

    Dear Sir
    I have successfully entered my credit card to my UK Paypal account. I have already set up my direct debit successfully.

    Now I have some questions, please guide....
    When I click on get verified... its displaying this kind of description...
    Step 2: Phone Number

    Select the phone number at the address above, * and a time to receive an automated call from PayPal. You must be able to answer the phone at the time you select.

    Select Phone:

    Select Time:
    Call now

    Call in one minute (If you need to disconnect from the Internet first)

    1) what to do next now? As next step is showing that Paypal will make a phone call to me (As get verified page is saying) ?

    2) What information should I have to complete the remaining step now? Will they ask me "Expanded Code" on my telephone call? or do they actually make a phone call to me?

    3) What is "Expanded Code" and what possible questions Paypal may ask on phone?

    4) Do they ask about my credit card.... which bank (Bank Name) has issued you this card? when the card was issued and What is your max. credit limit etc?

    I am little bit confused with this long verification process so please help me to get it complete.

    Thanks a lot for your coopration.
    Finest Regards;

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    They never had this when I signed up but it is OK. You just need to answer the phone. They want to veryfy your phone number is real.

    Just follow the instructions you will be fine. It is not a test


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    Seems that they added just a little more verification now to prevent fales phone numbers. (although you could still use a disposable cellphone)

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