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    Question Thoughts on DreamHost -VS- HostGator?

    Hi there!

    I was curious if anyone had any opinions about DreamHost or HostGator, as they compare to each other.

    I'm enticed by the offers both hosting companies are currently running, specifically the <=$16/month plans with multi-domain hosting. I'm attracted to the large amount of storage space they offer (as I will be using at least one domain to host a large image gallery that could potentially span several years of travel), as well as their SSL webmail connectivity.

    Any insight would be appreciated!


    - Craig

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    Search for HostGator in the forums here. There is alot of info about them. There has been alot of bad reveiws about them, however they are active in these forums and have at times, maybe been wrongfully accused?
    Dreamhost has a solid reputation.

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    I know nothing about HostGator, but will say that my experiences with Dreamhost have been great.

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    Thanks Lightwave

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    I used to use HostGator, might use them again. (I didn't leave because of any problems with them.) I've been with them until very recently, and had no problems.

    An acquaintence of mine uses Dreamhost and swears by it. The only thing that makes me balk about Dreamhost is that there is a setup fee of some kind, right? I don't like setup fees. But other than that, I'm sure I'd give Dreamhost a chance.

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    Originally posted by sweeney3296
    there is a setup fee of some kind, right? I don't like setup fees.
    uughhh yes -- $50 if you go monthly.

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    I've been with HostGator for a couple of years. They're solid, fast and reliable with good support and try hard to keep your business.

    I know nothing of DreamHost.

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    I've heard dreamhost can be slow at times from my co-wokers who have websites with them...But at that prices, how can you go wrong?

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    Indeed, aingaran

    - Craig

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    Off-Topic: I love HostGator's design! Anyone know who did it?
    Former owner of 275mb, DKMHosting, and Easy-Upload

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    hehe -- no idea John

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    I think HostGator are a much better company over all. They have advertisement space on here as well so I am assuming they are not a cheap company seeing as WHT adverts cost a bomb

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    I'm working with a client now who uses dream, their control panel etc is a bit weird, and setup is weird too (you cant access mysql until you transfer your domain over because they have to set up a special subdomain for you to use like ).

    Hostgator, I used to swear by until they started having CRAZY problems in the beginning of january. Stuck with them until feb. left, and from what I hear it's still going on.

    Sooo.. Dream seems the "lesser of two evils"

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    I've never heard anything about DreamHost before but i've seen HostGator plastered about wht for months...they must be doing something right if they can afford that Not sure whether it's good or bad if you haven't heard about a shot.

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    HostGator is far from being a cheap company. If I understand correctly, they are the top tenant at The Planet. which is saying a lot when you're talking about a 60,000 ft. datacenter!

    I've had a reseller account with HG for more than a year now. You know, I think it's about time to do a one-year review. I'll give you a sneak peek...HostGator has been awesome to me and my customers. I can't recommend them enough. Ok, I have to get to writing now...
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