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    Hi everyone,

    I have been trying to find some info on Webzpro. They are relatively new (domain registered 2/2004). I haven't been able to find any current info on them here at WHT (last was 10/04). They do have some comments at Host Detective that are positive. But that's about it...nothing else really on Google. I would like to get a second source of good/bad on them.

    Anyone have any experience?


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    I have most of my domains at a Windows host, but I needed cPanel for one and have it hosted with them. The service has been great and the speed is good too. The thing that I think sets them apart from other hosts I've encountered is their level of communication with customers. If they are planning on doing maintenance, they actually tell you, as well as regular e-mail updates with the progress. More importantly, if there is a server issue, they have been very good at communicating such issues, what they're doing to fix it, and eventually following up with a solution.

    I've been with other hosts that just hack at the problem hoping that nobody will notice or it will go away, and information is only received (sometimes) if you ask why the hell your site is broken or down.

    I've only been with them for several months, but so far, it's been good. I'm only on their $3.95 plan but I feel like they treat me as well as a high-paying customer.
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