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    Host for a growing forum

    Hi there.

    I run a forum at the moment which transfers around 20gb in bandwidth a month but always growing. I have two hosts in mind, they are with Sectorlink and Hostrocket. I'm open to any other suggestions though, in that price range - would prefer to only pay upto $30 a month. Has to be very reliable.

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    You should have no problem to find competitors for the two hosting companies in WHT offer forum section. What disk size do you need ?
    Good luck
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    with that budget, you shouldn't have a problem finding a host for only 20 gigs of bandwidth. just don't go after a host that offers you the world for $3.95.

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    You would want to contact the hosting company and tell them a bit about your forum especially if it's busy to save yourself the trouble of getting rejected down the line.
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    Mail a few questions to the Support Dept. of the company & take a look at the Response Time.

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    I like surpasshosting.... very reliable, minimal downtime.

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    1gb diskspace, preferably more though because MYSQL is always increasing.

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    You should easily find loads of hosts that do what you need for under $30/month.
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    I'm just after the most reliable StevensOnln1, you never know until you sign up to a website, i'd rather know what to go for in advance

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    Call the companies you're looking at up and ask questions. See how responsive they are. Do it several times even if you ask the same things or if you ask questions you already know the answers to. By doing this, you'll get a feel for the company and how responsive they generally are.
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