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    forum for sale....

    forum / community for sale

    NetBizTalk, a place for internet professionals and online business owners to meet and chat.

    includes good domain name, and leased vbulletin license with 10 - 11 months remaining.

    the forum is unpromoted, with no members, and is provided as seen. .

    The sites, has a great idea, good domainname, includes leased vbulletin lisence, and is perfect for anybody who wants to open up a new forum, the forum could be a big success, and just requires someone to promote it.

    any offers please either post or pm me.

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    Just for referance, your not allow to transfer a vBulletin licence unless you have already owned it for 3 months. Since yours has 10-11 months remaining and is a yearly licence, I don't believe you would be allowed to transfer it.

    Many thanks,

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    thanks alan, i was not aware of that

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    But at least try and get it verified,
    I think you have to post on webhostingtalk's helpdesk or get in touch with a mod
    I'd be interested in this but if it vbulletin doesnt allow then its not the end of world


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    I may be much do you want for it?

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    I may be interested as well, where is the forum currently hosted?

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