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    Poundhost Review

    Hello all,

    Ive been with poundhost for nearly 6 months and had multiple experiences with them. To start off with I am a co-owner of a gaming server company. We started off 6 months ago with allot of experience of gaming servers etc with other companies as customers and employees. Eventually we then said we would start our own and did.

    From doing searches over the net, these forums etc it came down to going with PoundHost cause of there low prices and as a starting out company looked like a cool idea. The first few months we tested our server, finding the most load we could put on etc. During this time we had no problems and the server ran perfectly!

    When we opened our company we had lots of business and our customer base rose to a steady 30 people covering our investments within 2 weeks. So with money and customers we bought our first, second, third... sixth co-location server and expanded this way in there maidenhead datacentre.

    Few days later we started getting daily ping spikes.. (eventually going to hourly and then every 20 minutes) we reported every spike to support.. We had to because a ping spike at 8.00pm when our servers are full with clan matches etc isnt fun. These spikes wernt for a few seconds sometimes for 5 minutes plus where all our servers would just to over 500ms/1000ms ping from pings of 30. We reported this constantly, trace routes etc

    Eventually (about 2 weeks of this problem and about 10 seperate support tickets, emails, phone calls) they publically emailed customers saying there where compremised servers on there network which had been removed, there switches couldnt handle the data because of the companies popularity and there large customer base. End note their switches where being upgraded) all well and good but this wasnt going to happen for another 2 weeks and damage had been caused already.

    So we took the business desision to get our co-location servers out of the data centre, leave our dedicated server online at poundhost and move co-location companies. Made the move to infinity hosting at level3, week later at redbus and yes we had teething problems with infinity but thats sorted now.

    So far you can imagine what happened to our customer base with moving servers, ping spikes downtime etc.. Ment refunds, getting loads of complaints, many support phones calls etc. Anyhow.

    Poundhost said to all customers that they would give gaming server customers an extra month free as compensation and wouldnt start charging until the issue was sorted. Those 2 weeks past and these new changes went in..Well without asking if the issue had been sorted and the month past they starting billing again. Saying there other customers where ok and happy with the changes. We wernt and still had problems.

    That was last month and this month is the second renewall after the issue. Guess what the problem still isnt sorted and after support tickets we where told something along the lines off

    We have done all we can other customers arent seeing this issue. As per the ticket, I can change the switch and LAN cable your server is connected to, that is all we can do.
    We tried this and the issue was solved for about 2 weeks and the problem started again. We are now removing the dedicated server and have installed a new co-location server in the last week.

    My recommendation is if you dont need to host any gaming servers go with poundhost. On all they have good, steady pings with allot of bandwidth. But if you want to host gaming servers I would say stay away and try anyone at redbus I know alot of people have had good experances with them and on part so did we but this was one of those problems we couldnt deal with.

    Thanks Again

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    My experiance is a great one too. I would not generalise about Redbis though - it very much depends on your provider. I've recently taken some servers in Redbus and wished I'd gone with Poundhost!

    Matthew and his team are helpful and friendly and have always gone out of their way to help me out.
    Watch this space...

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    Originally posted by Bloory
    My experiance is a great one too. I would not generalise about Redbis though - it very much depends on your provider. I've recently taken some servers in Redbus and wished I'd gone with Poundhost!

    Matthew and his team are helpful and friendly and have always gone out of their way to help me out.
    Well ours really wasnt a good experance and did cause alot of problems for us in the short and long run. But I would say a big thanks to matt for his support until they didnt have an ideas why we where having problems and gave up
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    No experience of their services, but I know they were upgrading a lot of kit, and the guys there are great too.
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    We've been with Pound Hosts for a month or so now. They where extremely happy to help out with delivery of the server and setup. Lovely helpful people more than you could ask for.

    Since it's gone in we've had a hole manner of problems with speed issues that they refuse to acknowledge. Speeds are erratic at all times of the day. They claim that it's not their network but wont help us test stuff. Preferring instead to ignore the problems. A bit disgusting really and thus we're looking to move on somewhere else.

    I have a copy of the last ticket with them on PDF if anyone wants a laugh at poor tech support.

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    Matt's a nice guy (though if I remember correctly Andy (the technical guy) left them 6ish months ago). But thier network cant handle DDoS at all, as seen by a huge downtime of approx 12 hours about 8 months ago (I havent heard of them improving thier capabilities in that time either). It was about 27,000GB in 7 hours if my memory serves me right.

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    Interesting thread for me as i'm looking for 2/3 ded servers now and they were on my shortlist as i'm looking around.

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    As this thread has a decent exposure on Google I think its fair to use this one instead of starting another.

    I would just like to add that PoundHost 2009 have been a breath of Fresh Air for us. Pricing is exceptionally well placed, support is second to none and overall we are extremely happy we found them.

    So far so good, I hope our thoughts don't change over the coming months/years.

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