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    How much to charge for a design job


    I have been asked to give a quote for a website design. they need a shoping cart setup with 10-20 products.

    i don't know much details yet.

    how much do you think i should charge them. i know there is not much info here, but i want an rough idea of what you lot will charge for something like this?

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    You may use the formula below:
    hours require to complete the website x your hourly rate.

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    yup .. hours needed x hourly rate works best ...

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    on design jobs that I do, I use a similar formula as above however slightly modified.

    First step is to sit down with the client and decide exactly what they want. Make a structured list from these things. Then tell them you will get back with them soon with a quote. Now take this list, beside each item write how many hours you expect each one to take. Next, total your hour up, then multiply by your hourly wage.

    Finally, I use something I call a project price. After I get the hours expected and multiply that by the hourly wage. I then deduct say 15% from that number and come up with a project price. I do this because the person is buying my services in bulk and I am able to work faster than having to start and stop with small projects.

    I hope this gives you some guidance.
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    You just have to set it all out and calculate how long you think its going to take you, then pick an appropriate hourly rate for your level of talent.

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