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    no more security issues?


    is it my impression or there isn't security issues for apache 1.3.31 and php 4.3.10 for a good time (1-2 months)?

    i'd say kernel 2.4.29 also, but i just saw it was updated to 2.4.30... was it because a security issue?

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    Changes with Apache 1.3.33

    *) SECURITY: CAN-2004-0940 (
    mod_include: Fix potential buffer overflow with escaped characters
    in SSI tag string. [Martin Kraemer, Jim Jagielski]

    Changes with Apache 1.3.32

    *) mod_rewrite: Fix query string handling for proxied URLs. PR 14518.
    [michael teitler <michael.teitler>,
    Jan Kratochvil <>]

    *) mod_rewrite: Fix 0 bytes write into random memory position.
    PR 31036. [André Malo]

    *) mod_digest: Fix nonce string calculation since 1.3.31 which
    would force re-authentication for every connection if
    AuthDigestRealmSeed was not configured. PR 30920. [Joe Orton]

    *) Trigger an error when a LoadModule directive attempts to
    load a module which is built-in. This is a common error when
    switching from a DSO build to a static build.
    [Jeff Trawick, Geoffrey Young]

    *) Fix trivial bug in mod_log_forensic that caused the child
    to seg fault when certain invalid requests were fired at it with
    forensic logging is enabled. PR 29313.
    [Will Slater <Will Slater>]

    *) Fix memory leak in the cache handling of mod_rewrite. PR 27862.
    [chunyan sheng <shengperson>, André Malo]

    *) mod_rewrite no longer confuses the RewriteMap caches if
    different maps defined in different virtual hosts use the
    same map name. PR 26462. [André Malo]

    *) mod_setenvif: Remove "support" for Remote_User variable which
    never worked at all. PR 25725. [André Malo]

    *) mod_usertrack: Escape the cookie name before pasting into the
    regexp. [André Malo]

    *) Win32: Improve error reporting after a failed attempt to spawn a
    piped log process or rewrite map process. [Jeff Trawick]

    *) SECURITY: CAN-2004-0492 (
    Reject responses from a remote server if sent an invalid (negative)
    Content-Length. [Mark Cox]

    *) Fix a bunch of cases where the return code of the regex compiler
    was not checked properly. This affects mod_usertrack and
    core. PR 28218. [André Malo]

    *) No longer breaks mod_dav, frontpage and others. Repair a patch
    in 1.3.31 which prevented discarding the request body for requests
    that will be keptalive but are not currently keptalive. PR 29237.
    [Jim Jagielski, Rasmus Lerdorf]

    *) COMPATIBILITY: Added new compile-time flag: UCN_OFF_HONOR_PHYSICAL_PORT.
    It controls how UseCanonicalName Off determines the port value if
    the client doesn't provide one in the Host header. If defined during
    compilation, UseCanonicalName Off will use the physical port number to
    generate the canonical name. If not defined, it tries the current Port
    value followed by the default port for the current scheme.
    [Jim Jagielski]

    PHP 4 ChangeLog
    Version 4.3.11

    * Added Oracle Instant Client support
    * Added checks for negative values to gmp_sqrt(), gmp_powm(), gmp_sqrtrem() and gmp_fact() to prevent SIGFPE
    * Changed phpize not to require libtool
    * Updated bundled libmbfl library (used for multibyte functions)
    * Fixed several leaks in ext/browscap and sapi/embed
    * Fixed several leaks in ext/filepro
    * Fixed build system to always use bundled libtool files
    * Fixed MacOSX shared extensions crashing on Apache startup
    * Fixed bug #32373 (segfault in bzopen() if supplied path to non-existent file).
    * Fixed bug #32340 (insert_before($node,NULL) does not return).
    * Fixed bug #32200 (Prevent using both --with-apxs2 and --with-apxs2filter).
    * Fixed bug #32114 (DOM crashing when attribute appended to Document).
    * Fixed bug #32063 (mb_convert_encoding ignores named entity 'alpha').
    * Fixed bug #31960 (msql_fetch_row() and msql_fetch_array() dropping columns with NULL values).
    * Fixed bug #31936 (set_h_errno() is redefined incompatibly).
    * Fixed bug #31911 (mb_decode_mimeheader() is case-sensitive to hex escapes).
    * Fixed bug #31858 (--disable-cli does not force --without-pear).
    * Fixed bug #31842 (*date('r') does not return RFC2822 conforming date string).
    * Fixed bug #31797 (exif_read_data() uses too low nesting limit).
    * Fixed bug #31796 (readline completion handler does not handle empty return values).
    * Fixed bug #31792 (getrusage() does not provide ru_nswap value).
    * Fixed bug #31754 (dbase_open() fails for mode = 1).
    * Fixed bug #31705 (parse_url() does not recognize
    * Fixed bug #31684 (dio_tcsetattr(): misconfigured termios settings).
    * Fixed bug #31699 (unserialize() float problem on non-English locales).
    * Fixed bug #31623 (OCILogin does not support password grace period).
    * Fixed bug #31580 (fgetcsv() problematic with "" escape sequences).
    * Fixed bug #31527 (crash in msg_send() when non-string is stored without being serialized).
    * Fixed bug #31514 (open_basedir uses path_translated rather then cwd for . translation).
    * Fixed bug #31480 (Possible infinite loop in imap_mail_compose()).
    * Fixed bug #31479 (Fixed crash in chunk_split(), when chunklen > strlen).
    * Fixed bug #31465 (False warning in unpack() when working with *).
    * Fixed bug #31454 (session_set_save_handler crashes PHP when supplied non-existent object ref).
    * Fixed bug #31444 (Memory leak in zend_language_scanner.c).
    * Fixed bug #31442 (unserialize broken on 64-bit systems).
    * Fixed bug #31440 ($GLOBALS can be overwritten via GPC when register_globals is enabled).
    * Fixed bug #31413 (curl POSTFIELDS crashes on 64-bit platforms).
    * Fixed bug #31396 (compile fails with gd 2.0.33 without freetype).
    * Fixed bug #31371 (highlight_file() trims new line after heredoc).
    * Fixed bug #31270 (missing safe_mode/open_basedir check in swf_openfile()).
    * Fixed bug #31174 (compile warning in url.c).
    * Fixed bug #31159 (COM object access is not working).
    * Fixed bug #31142 (imap_mail_compose() fails to generate correct output).
    * Fixed bug #31398 (When magic_guotes_gpc are enabled filenames with ' get cutoff).
    * Fixed bug #31288 (Possible crash in mysql_fetch_field(), if mysql_list_fields() was not called previously).
    * Fixed bug #31120 (mssql_query returns false on successful inserts and stored procedures).
    * Fixed bug #31107, Fixed bug #31110, Fixed bug #31111, Fixed bug #31249 (Compile failure of zend_strtod.c).
    * Fixed bug #31106 (Fixed crash in overloaded objects).
    * Fixed bug #31103 (Better error message when c-client cannot be found).
    * Fixed bug #31101 (missing kerberos header file path with --with-openssl).
    * Fixed bug #31072 (var_export() does not output an array element with an empty string key).
    * Fixed bug #31060 (imageftbbox() does not use linespacing parameter).
    * Fixed bug #31056 (php_std_date() returns invalid formatted date if y2k_compliance is On).
    * Fixed bug #31055 (apache2filter: per request leak proportional to the full path of the request URI).
    * Fixed bug #30726 (-.1 like numbers are not being handled correctly).
    * Fixed bug #30609 (cURL functions bypass open_basedir).
    * Fixed bug #30573 (compiler warnings in libmbfl due to invalid type cast).
    * Fixed bug #30549 (incorrect character translations for some ISO8859 charsets).
    * Fixed bug #30446 (apache2handler: virtual() includes files out of sequence)
    * Fixed bug #30430 (odbc_next_result() doesn't bind values and that results in segfault).
    * Fixed bug #30120 (imagettftext() and imagettfbbox() accept too many parameters).
    * Fixed bug #29733 (printf() handles repeated placeholders wrong).
    * Fixed bug #29424 (width and height inverted for JPEG2000 files).
    * Fixed bug #28976 (mail(): use "From:" from headers if sendmail_from is empty).
    * Fixed bug #28930 (PHP sources pick wrong header files generated by bison).
    * Fixed bug #28804 (ini-file section parsing pattern is buggy).
    * Fixed bug #28803 (enabled debug causes bailout errors with CLI on AIX because of fflush() called on already closed filedescriptor).
    * Fixed bug #28451 (corrupt EXIF headers have unlimited recursive IFD directory entries).
    * Fixed bug #28220 (mb_strwidth() returns wrong width values for some handful chars).
    * Fixed bug #28086 (crash inside overload() function).
    * Fixed bug #28074 (FastCGI: stderr should be written in a FCGI stderr stream).
    * Fixed bug #28067 (partially incorrect utf8 to htmlentities mapping).
    * Fixed bug #27633 (Double \r problem on ftp_get in ASCII mode on Win32).
    * Fixed bug #18613 (Multiple OUs in x509 certificate not handled properly).
    * Fixed bug #7782 (Cannot use PATH_INFO fully with php isapi).


    - 2.4.30-rc4 was released as 2.4.30 with no changes.

    Summary of changes from v2.4.30-rc3 to v2.4.30-rc4

    Herbert Xu:
    o [NETLINK] Fix bogus mc_list deletion

    Marcelo Tosatti:
    o Cset exclude: [email protected]|ChangeSet|20050226095914|25750
    o Change VERSION to 2.4.30-rc4

    Willy Tarreau:
    o Keith Owens: modutils >= 2.4.14 is required for MODVERSIONS+EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL() combination

    Summary of changes from v2.4.30-rc2 to v2.4.30-rc3

    Marcelo Tosatti:
    o Andreas Arens: Fix deadly mismerge of binfmt_elf DoS fix
    o Change VERSION to 2.4.30-rc3

    Summary of changes from v2.4.30-rc1 to v2.4.30-rc2

    o [TG3]: Add missing CHIPREV_5750_{A,B}X defines
    o [TG3]: Missing counter bump in tigon3_4gb_hwbug_workaround()
    o [TG3]: Update driver version and reldate

    o eepro100: fix module parameter description typo

    o CAN-2005-0400: ext2 mkdir() directory entry random kernel memory leak

    o fs/hpfs/*: fix HPFS support under 64-bit kernel

    o [NETFILTER]: Fix another DECLARE_MUTEX in header file

    Bjorn Helgaas:
    o ia64: force all kernel sections into one and the same segment
    o ia64: round iommu allocations to power-of-two sizes
    o ia64: fix perfmon typo in /proc/pal/CPU*/processor_info w.r.t. BERR
    o ia64: add missing syscall-slot
    o ia64: Update defconfigs

    Chris Wright:
    o isofs: Some more defensive checks to keep corrupt isofs images from corrupting memory/oopsing

    Dave Kleikamp:
    o JFS: remove aops from directory inodes

    David Mosberger:
    o Fix pte_modify() bug which allowed mprotect() to change too many bits
    o ia64: Fix _PAGE_CHG_MASK so PROT_NONE works again. Caught by Linus

    Greg Banks:
    o link_path_walk refcount problem allows umount of active filesystem

    Herbert Xu:
    o [CRYPTO]: Mark myself as co-maintainer
    o [NETLINK]: Fix multicast bind/autobind race
    o CAN-2005-0794: Potential DOS in load_elf_library

    Keith Owens:
    o [IA64] Sanity check unw_unwind_to_user
    o [IA64] Tighten up unw_unwind_to_user check

    Linus Torvalds:
    o isofs: Handle corupted rock-ridge info slightly better
    o isofs: more "corrupted iso image" error cases

    Marcel Holtmann:
    o CAN-2005-0750: Fix af_bluetooth range checking bug, discovered by Ilja van Sprundel <[email protected]>

    Marcelo Tosatti:
    o Change VERSION to 2.4.30-rc2

    Michael Chan:
    o [TG3]: Add 5705_plus flag
    o [TG3]: Flush status block in tg3_interrupt()
    o [TG3]: Add unstable PLL workaround for 5750
    o [TG3]: Fix jumbo frames phy settings
    o [TG3]: Fix ethtool set functions
    o [TG3]: Add Broadcom copyright

    Neil Brown:
    o nlm: fix f_count leak
    o [PATCH md: allow degraded raid1 array to resync after an unclean shutdown

    Pablo Neira:
    o [NETFILTER]: Fix DECLARE_MUTEX in header file

    Patrick McHardy:
    o [NETFILTER]: fix return values of ipt_recent checkentry
    o [NETFILTER]: Fix ip_ct_selective_cleanup(), and rename ip_ct_iterate_cleanup()
    o [NETFILTER]: Fix cleanup in ipt_recent
    o [NETFILTER]: Fix ip6tables ESP matching with "-p all"
    o [NETFILTER]: Fix refreshing of overlapping expectations
    o [NETFILTER]: Fix IP/TCP option logging
    o [TUN]: Fix check for underflow

    Pete Zaitcev:
    o USB: fix oops in serial_write
    o USB: Fix baud selection in mct_u232

    Simon Horman:
    o [IPVS]: Fix comment typos
    o Backport v2.6 ATM copy-to-user signedness fix
    o earlyquirk.o is needed for CONFIG_ACPI_BOOT

    Stephen Hemminger:
    o [TCP]: BIC not binary searching correctly

    Wensong Zhang:
    o [IPVS]: Update mark->cw in the WRR scheduler while service is updated

    Yanmin Zhang:
    o [IA64] clean up ptrace corner cases

    Summary of changes from v2.4.30-pre3 to v2.4.30-rc1

    o [SPARC32]: Fix build dependencies for vmlinux.o
    o [SPARC32]: Fix sun4d sbus and current handling
    o [SPARC32]: sun4d needs ZS_WSYNC() zilog reg flushing too

    o [SPARC64]: Fix semtimedop compat ipc code

    o Fix softdog no reboot on unexpected close

    Alan Hourihane:
    o agpgart Intel i915GM ID's and tweaks

    Andrea Arcangeli:
    o Write throttling should not take free highmem into account

    Chris Wedgwood:
    o early boot code references check_acpi_pci()

    Linus Torvalds:
    o Workaround possible pty line discipline race

    Marcelo Tosatti:
    o Andrea Arcangeli: get_user_pages() shall not grab PG_reserved pages
    o Paul Mackerras: Remote Linux DoS on ppp servers (CAN-2005-0384)
    o Change VERSION to 2.4.30-rc1

    Roland McGrath:
    o i386/x86_64 fpu: fix x87 tag word simulation using fxsave

    Solar Designer:
    o Enable gcc warnings for vsprintf/vsnprintf with "format" attribute

    Stephen Hemminger:
    o TCP BIC not binary searching correctly

    Willy Tarreau:
    o acpi.h needs <linux/init.h>

    Summary of changes from v2.4.30-pre2 to v2.4.30-pre3

    o [SPARC64]: Tomatillo PCI controller bug fixes
    o [TIGON3]: Do not touch NIC_SRAM_FIRMWARE_MBOX when TG3_FLG2_SUN_570X
    o [TIGON3]: Update driver version and reldate

    o BUG on error handlings in Ext3 under I/O

    o [SPARC]: DBRI fixes and improvements

    o sata_qstor: eh_timeout fix

    o e1000: 1 Robert Olsson's fix and
    o e1000: 2 use netif_poll_{enable|disable}
    o e1000: Avoid race between e1000_watchdog
    o e1000: Delay clean-up of last Tx buffer
    o e1000: Fix WOL settings in 82544 based
    o e1000: Patch from Peter Kjellstroem --
    o e1000: Checks for desc ring/rx data
    o e1000: Report failure code when loopback
    o e1000: Fixes related to Cable length
    o e1000: Driver version white space,

    o [libata] add ->bmdma_{stop,status} hooks

    o sk98lin workaround Asus K8V SE Deluxe buggy firmware

    o Fix units/partition count in sd.c

    Adrian Bunk:
    o drivers/scsi/sata_*: make code static

    David S. Miller:
    o [SPARC64]: Fix 32bit compat layer bugs in sys_ipc() and sys_rt_sigtimedwait()
    o [SPARC64]: Accept 'm5823' clock chip as seen on SB1500

    Jeff Garzik:
    o [libata sata_via] minor cleanups
    o [libata sata_via] add support for VT6421 SATA
    o [libata] resync with 2.6 msleep() updates
    o [libata] trivial: whitespace sync with 2.6
    o [libata] do not call pci_disable_device() for certain errors
    o [libata] Add missing hooks, to avoid oops in advanced SATA drivers
    o [libata] Use DMA_{32,64}BIT_MASK in ahci, sata_vsc drivers
    o [libata ahci] Print out port id on error messages
    o [libata] remove_one helper cleanup

    John W. Linville:
    o libata: fix command queue leak when xlat_func fails
    o tulip: make tulip_stop_rxtx() wait for DMA to fully stop

    Marcelo Tosatti:
    o Cset exclude: [email protected]|ChangeSet|20041125155150|65356
    o Allow lseek on SCSI tapes
    o Allow lseek on osst to keep tar --verify happy
    o Change VERSION to 2.4.30-pre3
    o Early ACPI PCI quirk depends on CONFIG_X86_IO_APIC

    Mark Lord:
    o sata_qstor: new basic driver for Pacific Digital
    o [libata qstor] minor update per LKML comments

    Matt Domsch:
    o aic7xxx: don't reset chip on pause

    Mikael Pettersson:
    o fix undefined behaviour in cistpl.c

    Paul Fulghum:
    o fix synclinkmp register access typo

    Solar Designer:
    o Fix for swapoff after re-creating device files
    o Fix proc_tty.c comment typos

    Zwane Mwaikambo:
    o Fix timer override on nforce

    Summary of changes from v2.4.30-pre1 to v2.4.30-pre2

    o [SPARC32]: Need to clear PSR_EF in psr of childregs on fork() on SMP

    o Changed VERSION to v2.4.30-pre2

    o megaraid2 reorder inline functions

    o megaraid2 update

    Charles-Edouard Ruault:
    o Reserve only needed regions for PC timers on i386 and x86_64

    Dave Kleikamp:
    o JFS: remove invalid NULL assignments to i_sb
    o JFS: fix livelock waiting for stale metapage
    o JFS: mount option iocharset=none
    o JFS: change project url to

    David S. Miller:
    o [SPARC]: Fix bogus trailing semicolon in smb_*() macros
    o [SPARC]: nop() macro has bogus trailing semicolon
    o [TG3]: Update driver version and reldate
    o [SPARC64]: Fix trailing semicolon in membar macros
    o [COMPAT]: TUNSETIFF needs to copy back data after ioctl
    o [TG3]: Always check tg3_readphy() return value
    o [TG3]: Update driver version and reldate
    o [BRLOCKS]: Delete atomic version, is buggy and deadlock prone

    Domen Puncer:
    o JFS: delete unused file

    Eugene Surovegin:
    o 2.4: fix bogus 440GX rev.C PVR

    Hideaki Yoshifuji:
    o [NET]: Fix kernel oops if base_reachable_time is set to 0

    Jean Tourrilhes:
    o [NET]: Backport SIOCSIFNAME wildcarding support from 2.6.x

    Kenneth Sumrall:
    o Kenneth Sumrall: In lp_write(), copy_from_user() is called to copy data into a statically allocated kernel buffer before down_interruptible()

    Michael Chan:
    o [TG3]: capacitive coupling detection fix

    Patrick McHardy:
    o [PKT_SCHED]: Fix u32 double listing
    o [NETLINK]: Unhash sockets correctly

    Pete Zaitcev:
    o USB: ftdi_sio
    o USB: hid for ia64
    o USB: fix modem_run
    o USB: mct_u232

    Stephen Hemminger:
    o [TCP]: Fix BIC max_cwnd calculation error

    Stephen Rothwell:
    o PPC64: 32 bit sys_recvmsg corruption
    o Fixup 32 bit sys_recvmsg corruption patch

    Thomas Graf:
    o [TCP]: Fix calculation for collapsed skb size

    Summary of changes from v2.4.29 to v2.4.30-pre1

    o [TG3]: Always copy receive packets when 5701 PCIX workaround enabled

    o [libata] SCSI-to-ATA translation fixes

    o [libata sata_sil] support ATI IXP300/IXP400 SATA

    o lcd: Add checks to CAP_SYS_ADMIN to potentially dangerous ioctl's
    o lcd: fix memory leak in lcd_ioctl()

    o SATA AHCI support for Intel ICH7R

    o [libata sata_promise] add PCI ID for new SATAII TX2 card

    o [SPARC]: Fix asm constraints in muldiv.c

    o sym53c8xx.c: Add ULL suffix to fix warning
    o arch/i386/kernel/pci-irq.c: Wrong message output

    o fix an oops in ata_to_sense_error
    o libata: fix ata_piix on ICH6R in RAID mode

    o Configure mangles hex values

    o [libata sata_sil] add another Seagate drive to blacklist

    Adrian Bunk:
    o scsi/ahci.c: remove an unused function

    Andrew Chew:
    o sata_nv: enable generic class support for future NVIDIA SATA

    Brett Russ:
    o [libata scsi] verify cmd bug fixes/support

    Chris Wright:
    o Fix potential leak of kernel data to user space in wireless private handler helper

    David S. Miller:
    o [TG3]: Update driver version and reldate
    o [TG3]: Update driver version and reldate
    o [TG3]: Update driver version and reldate
    o [TG3]: Update driver version and reldate
    o [SPARC64]: __atomic_{add,sub}() must sign-extend return value
    o [TG3]: Update driver version and reldate
    o [SPARC64]: atomic and bitop fixes
    o [SPARC64]: Add missing membars for xchg() and cmpxchg()
    o [SPARC64]: Add missing membars for xchg() and cmpxchg()
    o [SPARC64]: Mask off stack ptr in alloc_user_space() for 32-bit
    o [TG3]: Update driver version and reldate

    Ernie Petrides:
    o fix for memory corruption from /proc/kcore access

    Grant Grundler:
    o [TG3]: Clean up grc_local_ctrl usage

    Haroldo Gamal:
    o [libata sata_sil] add another Seagate driver to blacklist

    Heinz J. Mauelshagen:
    o fix panics while backing up LVM snapshots

    Herbert Xu:
    o [NET]: Add missing memory barrier to kfree_skb()
    o [NET]: Add barriers for dst refcnt

    Jean Delvare:
    o PCI: Kill duplicate definition of INTEL_82801DB_10
    o I2C updates: The "bit" and "pcf" i2c algorithms should declare themselves fully I2C capable
    o I2C updates: small header cleanups
    o I2C updates: Document that the "id" member of the i2c_client structure was discarded in Linux 2.6

    Jeff Garzik:
    o [libata] add DMA blacklist
    o [libata] Remove CDROM drive from PATA DMA blacklist
    o [libata sata_promise] support Promise SATAII TX2/TX4 cards
    o [libata ahci] Add support for ULi M5288

    Len Brown:
    o [ACPI] via interrupt quirk fix from 2.6

    Luca Tettamanti:
    o Fix MSF overflow in ide-cd with multisession DVDs

    Marcelo Tosatti:
    o Karsten Keil: Eicon Diva PCI 2.02 bugfix
    o Cset exclude: [email protected]|ChangeSet|20050119161632|63236
    o Ake Sandgren: Fix RLIMIT_RSS madvise calculation bug
    o Cset exclude: [email protected]|ChangeSet|20050128083257|00819
    o Hugh Dickins: remove rlim_rss and this RLIMIT_RSS code from madvise. Presumably the code crept in by mistake
    o Changed VERSION to 2.4.30-pre1
    o Linus Torvalds: backport 2.6 rw_verify_area() to check against file offset overflows
    o Linus Torvalds: Add extra debugging help for bad user accesses
    o Solar Designer: missing f_maxcount initialization
    o Cset exclude: [email protected]|ChangeSet|20050203152306|59941
    o rw_verify_area() cleanup
    o Cset exclude: [email protected]|ChangeSet|20050209150113|54411

    Matthew Wilcox:
    o [IPV4]: ipconfig should use memmove() instead of strcpy()

    Michael Chan:
    o [TG3]: add tg3_set_eeprom()
    o [TG3]: Fix TSO for 5750
    o [TG3]: 5750 fixes
    o [TG3]: 5704 serdes fixes

    Michal Ostrowski:
    o [MAINTAINERS]: Fix my email address in PPPOE entry

    Patrick McHardy:
    o [IPV4]: Keep fragment queues private to each user
    o [NETFILTER]: Fix ip_fw_compat.c build after IP_DEFRAG_* changes

    Paul Clements:
    o nbd: fix ioctl permissions

    Pete Zaitcev:
    o USB: Prevent hiddev from looping
    o USB: Workarounds for Genesys Logics
    o [libata] fix probe object allocation bugs

    Rogier Wolff:
    o Rogier Wolff: fix nbd ioctl permissions

    Stephen Hemminger:
    o [PKT_SCHED]: netem: memory leak

    Thomas Graf:
    o [NET]: Set NLM_F_MULTI for neighbour rtnetlink messages to userspace
    o [PKT_SCHED]: Fix ingress qdisc to pick up IPv6 packets when using netfilter hooks

    Tom Rini:
    o ppc32: Fix a problem with the TLB Miss handler

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    2.4.29 had a dos overflow.
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    i tried up2date but sayd my kernel 2.4.21-27.0.2.ELsmp is the latest !

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    thanks for the answers!

    Originally posted by BizB
    i tried up2date but sayd my kernel 2.4.21-27.0.2.ELsmp is the latest
    and it probably is
    redhat just patch old kernels, keeping the version number

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    btw, my mistake
    i meant apache 1.3.33, not 1.3.31
    there's a few months it was released

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