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    Running a Dedicated Server?

    I want to know how to start, I'm new to dedicated servers. All I know for now is the prices and the quality of the products from are good so we're choosing them, plus they are at Savvis Datacneter and we find it a great network. I also think we will get CentOS, upgrade to 100mbits port and buy the 3 security enchancement plan. Plus they are fully managed servers so that would help us a lot. What more should I learn or know? Any comments or suggestions?
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    You would need to secure your server, and it looks like you have plans on doing that. If you can't manage a server your self I would hire an admin. You should also get some help from as I believe they are a managed provider. Good luck with getting everything up and running.

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    Yes, we got plans on the security plus they are fully managed so they even told me with themselves it's enough to run everything correctly and without problems.

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    I was just looking at resellerworkz website to get a better definition of what they mean by managed and this troubles me.

    The types of things that are not included in the Diamond Managed Services are:

    - Can you copy my accounts from my old provider to my new server?
    - Can you install MRTG and a firewall for me?
    Apparently, a firewall is essential in the security aspects of your server.

    However, the good thing is that for extra money, they can install a firewall for you.

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    That's what I was saying.

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    Since running my hosting company there are a few things to make sure of.

    Keeping the server up to date and secure

    Monitor intrusions and report attacks accordingly

    Make sure you have an admin that nkows the filesystem and can manage Installation and configuration of libraries, apps etc.

    Make it easy for your customers to contact you. Forums, ticketing system, 800 number live helpdesk.

    Make sure you have a plan to manage your backups

    daily, weekly, monthly, backup to a separate disk, and a separate server if you can.

    Solid SLA''s that you can commit to for your customers.

    These are jsut a few things I would keep in mind.
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    I'm going to speak freely on this issue as I think a lot might learn from it. I think anyone wanting to get in to admin work on dedicated servers should know FreeBSD. The reason I am partial to FreeBSD is because of its widespread use and stability. It also lacks the amount of exploits that Linux has.

    To start your venture in to the FreeBSD world you will need an extra box at home to install it on. You can go to and look at the Handbook (the best documentation ever written IMHO). The handbook, if read from front to back, will widen your knowledge on FreeBSD and admin work in general. After you are done with this text I suggest installing anything and everything you feel like on your home box.

    Use your box at home as if it were a box in the datacenter. Come to realise that if you do something to your box that makes it unbootable or unaccessable from your other computer it will cause downtime in the real world. Downtime is what every good admin is trying to avoid. Once you have leared these things and experience a few things through trial and error you should be able to pick up any other operating system and figure it out.

    Hope this helps.

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