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    Angry email delays

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone been having problems with, we seem to have problems with email delays all the time and its seems they don’t want to do anything about it, we've been having this issue with them for over 6 months and really losing patient with them. All we hear is that a new system has been implemented and we are working on the bugs… that was 6 months ago

    They are an okay host but if they can't get this right i might think all their doing is pushing to get new clients and avoiding the needs of their current clients.

    anyways if having your emails come in on time is an issue i recommend you stay away from them.

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    Why have you put up with this for 6 months? If you are having a problem and they don't fix it, then you should move.
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    I agree with Mark. If you see that there is problem for more than 6 month, move away.

    Personally I would have moved away in less than 1 week, if I had experienced that kind of problems.
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    I hear a lot of bad and good feedback of 1&1, is it good or not?
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    TBH they are good in terms of technical support (telephone) if you email them they will get back to you within 24 hours, uptime is great, all the options that come with the server are good and good value for money but the only problem is that they have "upgraded" the email system and "working the bugs out" for the past 6 months

    i'm only staying with them becuase i've got 25 websites there with databases ect it will be alot of work to move them, i give them one more month if they dont fix the email delay issue then not only i'm gonna move but will write to every publication that gave them positive reviews and tell them about my experiance

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