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    H-Sphere Reseller Migration

    We currently have a reseller account with a company and are looking to migrate to a new company as a reseller account for them. Is there any automated way to do this through h-sphere? or does this involve moving every account individually and losing all of their billing info?
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    You are moving from one h sphere reseller account to a different one?

    There isn't really an easy way to migrate all the accounts from h sphere to anything. Unfortuantely you'll need to recreate them all on the new host then upload the content for each site.
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    We helped a H-Sphere provider do this in the past; it is hard and messy.

    IF the old provider will provide the H-Sphere XML export files, and the new provider provides SSH root access (OR will run the imports of the XML files), then it can be done.

    Typically the XML files have to be massaged for start dates and other information so they import cleanly; and then the GUI typically involves updates such as credit card info.

    However, it can be done.

    Thank you.
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