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    * Seeking Server with host who will help stoping a 60 Mbs Ddos


    my server is under heavy Ddos, they are flooding us with 50-60 Mbs
    my host told me to get out! (its one of the most famous and expensive host, who is know to have a superb support).

    the proplem is that we host a political forum, flood started yesterday, we was able to catch all the flooding IPs and blocked them automaticly using a flood chk script.

    after we blocked all there IPs the next type of attack started.. the strat hiting the server with many IPs (most are blocked Ips) the MRTG reported 50 Mbs ..

    at that time our (Good Host) null-route our site IP

    we want to move to another host ASAP, we expect the new host to block those IPs at the router level before it reach our server.

    dose any one know a company that will help us to survive and hear our voice.

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    Hi Saeh,

    What is your budget in relation to your political forum per month?

    In relation to DDOS protection to a certain degree. Your best choice would be trying out a dedicated server provider who uses network.

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    something from 400 - 700 $

    thanks for the replay

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    So whats your website about? What's the URL?
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    If the attack is 60Mb then for $800 you could get two Dual Xeon 3.2's from EV1 and us RRDNS to spread the load between the two. They would probably be able to hold 30Mb each without too many problems. EV1 also have "fireslayer", their protection system, which may well help.

    Another option is to get one server with a gigabit ethenet card and a hardware firewall which can take the filtering of traffic from the banned IPs load away from the server, allowing it to concentrate on the main load. I am sure EV1 would set this up for you, perhaps with a bit more bandwidth, for $700 p/m.

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    They won't take you if you are guaranteed to have a dDOS, and if they do, you will get canned after a couple days of sustained attacks... Unless ofcourse you plan to pay a premium for that 100mbps they are going to try and sell you...

    Fireslayer is a nice addition though. I was DOS'd awhile back and it did let legit traffic though and block the DOS.

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    The best response in this case is to go with a provider that have an external firewall option available to you. Currently, there are 3 that I know do, and I'm sure that more will pipe in.
    Fastservers (highly recommended)
    EV1Somewhat shifty about shuttin off ip's, but if you can get them to block the traffic, then you should be allright.
    ThePlanet. These guys are about as good as ev1 as far as tech support, but it takes their firewall about 2 weeks to kick in.

    Out of those 3 , I'd go with fastservers, as fs has been incredibly great , has a wonderfully knowledgable tech team (if you ever need 'em), and FS can actually reach a tech on the phone, not some pre-graduate individual who loves responding like a trained monkey
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    look into gigeservers they are good with ddos prevention
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    We had ThePlanet and suffered a 400mbit/sec attack, but the only way I noticed it was through my daily checking of their security logs.

    When we experienced a minor flood I gave them a call and within 7minutes they had their Cisco Guard XT system protecting us again

    I believe EV1 also have a similar system in place, so either of these providors would seem a good choice.

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    thanks all

    my server is with now, there Cisco Guard XT system did the job..

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    Originally posted by linux-tech

    ThePlanet. These guys are about as good as ev1 as far as tech support, but it takes their firewall about 2 weeks to kick in.

    You must be thinking about the old Floodguard system. That required something like two weeks to learn the flow of traffic. There had to be no attacks during that training period. The Planet, now uses a new detection (Arbor Peakflow IIRC) and mitigation system (Cisco Guard XT formerly Riverhead). These monitor the network for attacks and can be activated within minutes.

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