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    Template For Sale

    I am selling this template that I just created. It is focused on free stuff, but of course it could be changed to something else. If no one buys it I am going to use it for myself to build up referrals. First I want to try to sale it, so I can get money to buy some video game systems and games for my graduation party.

    If you buy this from me I will make any changes you want and add any desired pages and information. The person that offers me the best price gets the template. I don't want to sell it for less than $5. I accept paypal.

    Template without content
    Template with content

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    Looks simplistic

    Next time you want to upload images, I suggest you use the GIF or JPEG or JPG format, because they will load MUCH better than a BMP which usually have large file sizes.

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    I thought it was .bmp that looked better, but I guess I see what you mean about it being large.

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    .jpg can look just as good as .bmp can dependant on the quality that you limit the .jpg to. I would only ever use .jpg, .gif or .png
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    nice template. Good luck to your sale

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