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    LAuS error - do_command.c:226

    I was having a problem with the VAR/ patition being almost full.
    It is a managed server and when I contacted support they wrote back
    “It appears that the audit service was using up 5.6 gigs of space for log files. I have disabled this service so that it does not fill up the drive again.”
    Since the audit service was disabled when I check the log I get this message about every five minutes.
    “Apr 11 08:45:00 host CROND[25563]: LAuS error - do_command.c:226 - laus_attach: (19) laus_attach: No such device”

    I did a search and found this.

    "This is Linux Audit system, I think it is new in RHEl-3.0 U3.
    You either need to start service called audit to get rid of those
    messages or put following in /etc/modules.conf if you do not want to
    run audit daemon."

    alias char-major-10-224 off

    So I added “alias char-major-10-224 off” to

    I am still getting the messages after 24 hrs.
    Does any one have a soloution for this?

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    I realize the post is somewhat old but this is a recurring problem with RHEL v3.x and an acknowledged Bug.

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